Body Sculpting Fat Removal Laser

Fat Removal Laser

Patients have long known that Options Medical Weight Loss is a South Loop-based leader in weight loss and fat reduction in the Chicago area. Our clinic makes its focus physician supervised weight loss to make the process easier, and to help you keep the fat from ever coming back. We offer FDA approved appetite suppressants, fat burning injections, HCG injections, tailored meal plans, one-on-one weight loss counseling and our new SculpSure™ fat removal laser. Our new SculpSure laser is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser-based treatment for the non-invasive destruction of fat that does not respond well to diet or exercise. The laser is state-of-the-art light-based technology that will help you achieve a slimmer you without surgery and no downtime. Treatment lasts approximately twenty-five minutes, and unlike invasive procedures, multiple areas can be treated in a single appointment. During the treatment the laser heats the underlying layer of fat and sparks a process that leads to the destruction of fat cells. Noticeable results will become visible over two to three months. Its non-invasive nature makes the SculpSure laser a real option for people who were not suitable candidates for patients who previously could not opt into body sculpting treatments.

Am I a good candidate for the SculpSure™ fat removal laser?

If you are troubled by fat in the abdomen and love handles that will no longer respond to a diet and exercise regimen, it is likely you are battling genetics. If you want help reshaping your body beyond its current Options Medical Weight Loss enabled look, the SculpSure laser may be able to help create the body you want.

How long do the results of the SculpSure™ fat removal laser last?

Treatment results are permanent! When we destroy fat cells using SculpSure, they do not reappear in unexpected places.

I am impressed by what I have read about the SculpSure™ fat removal laser, tell me how I can proceed!

To schedule an appointment to discuss the SculpSure laser, click here to be taken to our body sculpting website.