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Options Programs

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We have OPTIONS for every BODY

At Options Medical Weight Loss Centers “We have OPTIONS for every BODY”. If you need to lose five pounds or more than one hundred pounds we have an OPTION for you. We have over 19 different programs to choose from. We make it easy to find the right program for your weight loss needs.

Options 4Life Programs

With programs ranging from six week to thirty-four weeks this Option is perfect for anyone that wants to lose ten pounds to a hundred and ten pounds. Depending on your eating habits we can supply food, or teach you what to cook on your own. Regardless of which choice is best for your lifestyle at the end our goal is for you to be properly cooking all of your meals and maintaining your weight loss for the rest of your life! This program comes in a medically monitored Option and also a non-medically monitored Option, so it truly can be an OPTION for every BODY!

Non-Medically Monitored Options

We also offer non-medical programs for the individual that just wants to lose weight but chooses not to have assistance from FDA approved Appetite Suppressants or our other prescribed medications. This program is best when paired with Lipotropic Injections, but you can choose to do the program without them as well. If you are just looking to drop that last few pounds to be at your goal, this program is perfect for you!

Monthly Option

We offer multiple FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants (See Phentermine page for other Options). If you prefer to pick up monthly medication and do your own program we offer that too.

Fast Options Program

This program is perfect for someone that needs to see results fast! With our Fast Options Program you can lose up to 60-70 pounds in only 14 weeks, or 30 to 40 pounds in 10 weeks! Our program is special for the fact that after you lose a majority of the weight in the first 23 or 45 days we have a customized program you follow that keeps the weight coming off as we slowly increase your food Options. Just like the Options 4Life program the end goal is to be cooking all of your own meals and maintaining your weight loss for the rest of your life!

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