This place is amazing! I have been struggling losing weight and my Dr. told me to try Options Medical Weight Loss. I did a free consult first which was very informative. They have a machine that checked my metabolism, body fat, weight, and a bunch of other things. After discussing all the options they have I went with the phentermine, fat burners, and they even gave me a book to tell me what to eat with weekly diet counseling sessions.

Last week I tried the food they offer and I was hooked! My counselor Juliea is great and I have learned a lot and lost 8 lbs in two weeks! This place is professional, informative, and is not expensive. I have tried it all and finally I found a place that is helping me lose my weight! If you are struggling like I was you should call the consult is free.

Lana Fakhouri

I have been struggling with my weight for years and being on my feet makes it worse. I heard about Options Medical Weight Loss through a friend and decided to do their free consultation. I see why they are called options they have everything. I was very happy they explained each option to me in detail which helped a lot. I went with there Fast Track program which is HCG, nutritional counseling, and fat burning injection for the first 23 days then phentermine, counseling, and fat burners for 6 weeks.

They said the average person loses about 30 lbs in 10 weeks. I was skeptical about not being hungry and doing a 500 calorie diet but the reason I am giving 5 stars is not only was the customer service great I lost 15 lbs in two weeks without being hungry. I start my phentermine in a in about 10 days and I am so excited for my family to see the new me soon! They also have food which helps me so I am doing that once I start my next diet.

Lindsey Gibson

There is no magic potion that gives us the tools or creates the outcome we hope for in getting slimmer and healthier. It is a combination of things that when all used together properly for each person's specific needs over a course of time that not only to we get the results in the mirror we're looking for, but the lifestyle we can actually LIVE and ENJOY by using the tools we pick up along the way.

I believe that Options Medical gives you a great way to fill your tool box and empowers you along the way to reach your goals and then sustain the results.

Combinations of supplementation, nutrition analysis and direction, physical fitness resources, and overall tracking YOU get the power to choose your path and you take charge of your journey. So far I've only been involved a little with the overall program, but so far this is my take-away.. Not going to be easy and each person needs a different level of support or even jump start (my case), but with these guys you get a well-rounded package.

Diana Gloria

This is a great company with a truly spectacular customized program. The plans are created to be unique to each person participating. They make it easy to get healthy food with unlimited options that taste good too!

Joanna Batten

The staff from Options Medical Weight Loss provides a great service! They help you through the whole process and guide you through the entire weight loss journey.

Shell Germann

Working with Options Medical made everything with my weight loss so much easier. They have state of the art solutions and amazing customer support.

Carly Benson