7 Smart and Healthy Tips To Lose Weight In The New Year

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7 Smart and Healthy Tips To Lose Weight In The New Year

weight loss in 2017As far as New Year’s resolutions go, weight loss is an Achilles heel for many Americans.  Every year millions of people make it a goal to lose weight in the New Year and unfortunately many fail to meet their end goal.

 Some of the chief culprits of stagnant numbers on the scale are fad diets, unhealthy eating habits, and unproductive workout regimens. In addition, some dieting plans don’t fit our busy lifestyles. Between work, the kids, caring for our dogs and catching up on the latest news and shows, the average American loses the weight loss battle quickly. All of these things leave dieters feeling stressed, confused, and even hungry.

We get it!

So, before you make any real commitments or run out to your neighborhood shopping centers to load up on weight loss supplements, athletic apparel, and equipment, we’ll discuss smart and healthy tips to help you lose weight in 2017 and onward.

Throw Out Misconceptions/ Unrealistic Goals

A simple Google search for “weight loss” or “how to lose x amount of lbs.” will generate millions of results claiming to help you lose weight. Even worse, a friend, family member, or your favorite celebrity has started a new diet and can’t stop ranting and raving about its results. That can be sensory and information overload.

Before you fall into the great weight loss abyss, throw out misconceptions and unrealistic goals.

Start from scratch in your head and look at the New Year as starting something new and is for your best interest, not to the interest of anyone else. You’ll feel much better about going into the New Year and will have a clean slate from which to tackle your goal(s).

Consult a Doctor and or Weight Loss Specialist

There is nothing wrong with going it alone, but there can be greater rewards when you have a doctor or weight loss specialist to help you along the way. What makes these professionals so beneficial is their ability to keep you honest and ensure that your dieting plans don’t interfere with your health or that they truly improve your overall health.

A weight loss specialist can help you to set up meal plans and offer healthy diet alternatives, while your doctor can help to evaluate your health and risks.

Set Realistic Goals

Take a look at the way you live and make exercise and dieting fit within your life and not around it.  Map out how many calories you will be eating and their relation to your exercise and dieting alternatives.  Set realistic goals like a certain number of pounds a week or a month. In addition, set realistic exercising routines that fit your schedule.

Choose and Starting Point and Get Moving

It’s pretty simple: Get up and get moving. Even if it is parking a little further from the store in the parking lot, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking the dog for an extra 10 minutes in the morning or evening. These are all starting point.

A few extra steps a day can do wonders for your knees, and overall mood.

Eat Better

80 percent of our diet is what we consume. Sugary drinks, heavy carbs, salty snacks and meals, and low consumption of water can all be contributing factors to your weight gain and, or inability to lose weight. A simple way to eat better is to substitute meals and snacks with healthier options.

Always eat breakfast.

Instead of eating a deep-dish pizza or hamburger for lunch consider a salad instead, substitute meals with healthy shakes, or pack your lunch so that you aren’t tempted by local eateries near your workplace.

Choose smaller portions to help you eat throughout the day instead of big meals and portions 1-2 times a day. Make a concerted effort to reduce junk foods and sugary drinks. In short, it is all about eating in moderation.

Rest Up

One of the driving forces in slow weight loss and poor health is a lack of sleep. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 3 Americans isn’t getting enough sleep.

Too little sleep can affect your metabolism and can contribute to weight gain. So, getting some shuteye can help you to keep the weight off as you diet.

Enjoy Yourself

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a boring endeavor. You can still do the things that you love while striving for a healthier life. As you strive for a healthier year, you can still go to restaurants, the movies, sporting events and everything in between. Try to enjoy yourself as you exercise by listening to music or by watching your favorite shows. If you need human interaction join a workout class or a dance class to get moving.  Nothing will stop you from having a great year, but you. A little motivation can go a long way.

This could be the year that you get serious about weight loss. We are here to help. For more information about weight loss in the Chicago area call (312) 360-1604 or contact us here.




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