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July 7, 2017
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October 4, 2017

Easy and Fun Fitness for Everyone

fitness, fun fitness, inexpensive fitness, fitness ideasAt some point in our lives, we have all wanted that beach body. Even if we’re comfortable with our bodies now, once upon a time we have all wanted to be that person at the pool or the beach. You know the one we’re talking about. That one who works, goes to the gym, and has a steady routine for day to day life – and it shows.

For most of us, that goal might seem impossible. Whether it be the fact that kids came along, time ran out, or your schedule may be overwhelming enough, you could just feel stuck.

How do you work fitness into a busy schedule and tight time frame? I’s easier than you might think.

Commercial Cardio

Aren’t commercials annoying? They interrupt the comedy or suspense of a program and they’re just trying to sell stuff we don’t need. So why not put that time toward burning some calories? During commercial breaks, run in place, do some pushups or pump out some jumping jacks. Anything to get your heart rate up helps. And this works whether you’re a lone wolf or have a family. If you’ve got other people in your house, get everybody moving while the commercials run their annoying course. Even better, if the commercial left you at a cliff hanger, now you can get your frustration out of your system!

Dance Your Heart Out

Dancing equals movement. Time to get up and bust a move. And don’t worry,  it doesn’t have to look all choreographed. Just turn on the music and let yourself go. Any dancing gets your heart pumping. Turn on some Sinatra and waltz by yourself or better yet, grab a partner. You’ll be making memories while you move. Start up some Kiss or AC/DC and air guitar your heart out. Heck, you can even turn on a Bollywood movie and try to copy their fancy and beautiful dance routines. If you have a gaming system of any kind see if you can pick up a version of Just Dance. Don’t use just your arms but copy the whole thing and throw yourself into it. If you have kids get them to have a dance off. Everybody can get in on this and it makes you active while having a great time. The possibilities are endless.

Step It Up

Okay, we all do this, right? When it’s time to find a parking space, we all look for that parking spot closest to our destination, right? Next time instead of racing to the prime spot, park farther away and walk. It’s such a small thing but every step counts. It could also actually help someone else who might have difficulty walking and could really use that closer space. If you live in an apartment with an elevator or work in a building with one, you can also choose the stairs. Even if it’s just to go up or down a level or two and then finish with the elevator, it still helps. By doing this, you can build up strength on a regular basis.

So there you have it! Exercise can be a pain, gyms can be expensive, and time can be too short. But it’s the little things that can make fitness simple and even fun.

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