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April 21, 2016
Weight Loss Help in Chicago
July 22, 2016

Free fitness in Chicago – Options Medical Weight LossNearly all of you reading this will possess a small collection of workout gear, possibly a few fitness MP4’s or even a gym membership. We all also have miles of trails and sidewalks at our disposal in the city and local suburbs but we choose to be too occupied to complete a simple workout. The good news is that it’s possible to get out of a rut and all it takes is mixing it up with some activities around Chicago. These are all great ways for you to find inspiration in like-minded folks, explore the city and exercise without the effort!

1 Mile Riverwalk History Tour:

Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper and it also sports one of the world’s most easily recognized skylines. The northern section of Riverwalk is a great place to get a view of it all from street level. The high rise buildings act as the ideal photogenic backdrop when hearing the stories about the people who built our city. People who choose to participate in the walk will see the birthplace of Chicago and learn a little about some of our dirty little secrets. Be sure to listen carefully when the tour guide discusses how the city re-engineered the flow of the Chicago River because you never know when you’ll be out on a canoe or kayak!

Paddling on the Chicago River:

Do not believe it if anyone tells you the Chicago River has ever run clear because it hasn’t. Before settlers hit the region, it was a slow-moving prairie river that ran into a swamp. Then the slaughterhouses and factories swooped-in to damage local branches to such an extent that the water bubbled from the methane gas. In the 1980s the Chicago River got a needed cleaning and some of the respect it deserved. Now the river is packed with rubberneckers. One fitness and fun organization you’ll want to explore is the Friends of the Chicago River. The group runs several different canoeing expeditions covering the 156 miles of the river, all are free to any interested paddler. Excursions include the all-day Downtown Canyons tour, a river wilderness trip on its North Branch and Loop the Goose Island.

Both a walk in the city or a paddle around its waters can be easy for anyone to jump into and over time your skill and technique will improve, and spur you to build upon your activity. The Options Medical Weight Loss team encourages you to look into other free physical activities around Chicago that will allow you to continue shaping your new body and your new life!

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