Simple and Effective Ways To Keep Off Those Pounds

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December 29, 2016
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programYour weight loss isn’t the end of the journey. In fact, it is only the beginning.

An estimated 20 percent of weight loss success stories keep the pounds off. Those numbers can be frightening and be discouraging to those thinking of losing weight or who have accomplished their goal and have settled in their new life.

But, don’t let that discourage you. There are many of ways to keep the weight from coming back that are safe and nearly foolproof.

These nine tips will help you maintain your weight and crush those statistics.

Before we get started, let’s look at reasons weight-loss can result in weight gain if you aren’t careful and mindful of the way you lose weight.

Why we regain weight

Fad diets: This one of the biggest enemies to successful weight loss. Fad diets cause you to take drastic measures to get the results. Whether it’s extreme calorie reduction, intense exercise or excessive carb depletion, the fact remains these diets can throw your body’s natural functions like hormones and metabolism out of whack and cause weight gain once you get off of them.

Not sustaining actions: Once you hit your goal, you stop doing what helped you lose weight in the first place.  Most diets focus on goals instead of lifestyle changes and can cause you to revert once you met your goal.

Matter over mind: You think that the goal is the final stop and become content with the number on the scale and go back to eating and performing the same way you did before the diet.

In short, the root word in all of these factors of weight gain is “diet,” when it should be “lifestyle change.”

Eat Breakfast Every Day

The rumors are true: breakfast IS the essential meal of the day. Not only because it is fuel to power your morning, but because it can be a stepping stone for eating habits for the rest of the day. If you consume a healthy breakfast every morning, you are more likely to continue in the same way for the remainder of the day.


It’s just the facts of fulfilling a healthy lifestyle. Exercising helps you to burn calories and can increase your metabolism.

30 minutes of exercise every day can help you keep the pounds off and generate energy you didn’t know you had.  Exercising is one of the most beneficial factors in weight loss next to healthy eating habits, and when used in tandem, they can help you maintain your weight in the long run.

Stick To Plans All Week

Try not to sneak in cheats for the whole seven days. A cheat meal or snack now and then won’t hurt your goals, but too many cheats can ruin things quickly. Go the entire week with a plan for what you will be eating and keep a journal to keep yourself honest. And, yes that means even on Saturdays and Sundays. Research has shown that those who maintain regular eating habits are more likely to keep the pounds off.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is essential to maintaining weight loss, and the average American just isn’t drinking enough waters. Health professionals suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Water keeps you hydrated and can help your muscles stay healthy.

Water can also reduce the consumption of food at a meal by 13 percent if it is drunk before a meal.

Account For Setbacks

Even the most resilient person will have setbacks, and you will be no different.  There are going to be times that you eat that tempting snack or skip a workout. It’s okay, but you have to get back at it.

Don’t allow a minor setback to ruin your weight loss success. It all goes back to planning ahead and not being too hard on yourself.

Step On The Scale

Hold yourself accountable for your actions and step on the scale. When you step on the scale you are being honest with yourself. It doesn’t have to be your enemy.

Find A Supportive Support System

That may seem redundant, but it is imperative if you want to maintain your weight. Sometimes you can choose people who aren’t genuinely supportive and who may influence you to eat poorly or skip workout regimens.

So, find someone who will truly have your best interest at heart and will push you to maintain your weight. It could be your spouse, significant other, friend, colleague or a weight loss professional.

Bottom Line

Your health is in your hands. Being health-conscious and maintaining your weight can be done if you take the right steps to make a lifestyle change. Luckily, weight management becomes easier once you have kept if off for two years.

As long as you stick with your lifestyle improvement and follow these simples steps, you will maintain your weight loss.

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