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December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Eating Tips!


thanksgiving tipsNo matter if you look forward to or dread the Thanksgiving holiday, one thing is for sure: it is difficult to stick to a diet. One plate heaped with fresh turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy butter and a delicious piece of pie can kill any progress you have made.

There are a lot of different ideas you can implement to stick to your diet and still enjoy a holiday meal, and believe us, sticking to a battle plan and not overdoing things feels so much better!

Here are some helpful tips from Options Medical Weight Loss to help you make it through Thanksgiving:

  • Do not sit down to your Thanksgiving on an empty stomach. Take the time to eat a snack from the Options Medical Weight Loss online store and drink plenty of water to minimize potential nibbling.
  • If you are invited to Thanksgiving dinner with relatives or friends, plan to bring vegetables and a low fat veggie dip. If vegetables will not work, coordinate another similar choice with the help of staff from Options Medical Weight Loss. The goal is to make sure you will have a healthy choice within easy reach!
  • If you do not feel like you can skip any of your favorites on Thanksgiving, then you need to make an effort to practice portion control.
  • Make an effort to take a walk around the neighborhood with family between the main course and dessert.
  • It should go without saying for anyone, but you will want to skip the empty calories that can be found in soda or wine.

While these tips are meant to help you stick to an eating plan, we want you to remember that you can still enjoy Thanksgiving. Choosing wisely will ensure you feel better at the end of the day on November 26th!

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