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July 22, 2016
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December 29, 2016

The A, B, C’s of the HCG Diet Plan

HCG InjectionsOur HCG Diet Plan is a medical hormone based diet that involves taking an HCG hormone injection while following low calorie diet. The HCG hormone resets the hypothalamus gland, allowing it to regulate hunger cravings, metabolism and energy levels. Dysfunction of the hypothalamus will leave you feeling deprived, emotionally dissatisfied and irregularities in body temperature will be evident. Put simply, when the gland is broken, food becomes more important but it is highly unfulfilling, and weight gain occurs. Nearly everything the hypothalamus does for the human body is related to weight management and the ability to lose weight in a controlled manner.

The first iteration of the HCG Diet Plan was published by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons sixty-two years ago. His original protocol called for HCG injections that were not all that different from what is administered in the Options Medical Weight Loss offices in 2016. The plan also included a regimented diet that allowed little room for mixing things up. While rigid adherence to his food list did work, we have found that on the go Chicago residents demand more flavor and convenience. That is why we have worked diligently to adjust and expand the original food list to include delicious recipe ideas and speedy Marketplace options. Much to the dismay of our baby boom and Generation X patients, Dr. Simeon insisted that exercise was not necessary for weight loss, but we promise you will not be penalized for taking a weekend hike.

Now that you understand some of the complications caused by a dysfunctional hypothalamus, the reason for HCG injections and you are not frightened about food and exercise, we want to answer a few questions about the HCG Diet Plan.

Is the HCG Diet Plan dangerous?

The HCG Diet Plan is completely safe.

Is the HCG Diet good for men?

As long as you are prepared to follow the HCG Diet Plan, it can be used by either men or women.

Will you ship me HCG injections?

There are online resources where an eager patient can purchase HCG injections, but the problem is many have been found to peddle fake HCG injections. The only way to ensure the validity and efficacy of you HCG injections is to purchase from a local weight loss clinic that requires an in-person purchase.

I am a vegetarian, will I be able to follow the HCG Diet?

With careful consultation with our staff of medical professionals, you should have no problems sticking to a specially designed version of the HCG Diet Plan.

Our Options Medical Weight Loss professionals understand this article is just the first chapter in the HCG Diet Plan journey for some of you, and we would love to have you submit additional questions on our Facebook page. However, if you have made a habit of researching the topic and are ready for the next step, you can request a free consultation by clicking here or visiting our website.

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