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June 27, 2016
The A, B, C’s of the HCG Diet Plan
September 22, 2016

options medical weight loss chicagoIt is not unusual for a couple to discover that to be at a healthy weight, they need to lose a total of “x” pounds each. For a few of you, this will not be an ordeal because you are still young enough to achieve weight loss with a regimen of exercise or a small change to your diet. The rest of us require additional help, meaning we need a support system and a diet plan, and possibly lipotropic injections, to help us lose the weight once and for all. That is why Gargi R. chose to enroll herself and her husband in our program. Please take a look at her thoughts below! 

“I joined Options Medical Weight Loss around 10 weeks back. I have had a very good experience here, I am doing their HCG diet and have lost 25 lbs. to date! The reason this weight loss is phenomenal for a person like me is because I suffer from PCOS, like many women, and weight loss does not come easy due to the diagnosis. The diet is easy to follow and has quite a bit of food to choose from, but the food options offered by them are your best bet and not too expensive. My counselor Kelli, was excellent, she listens to the client very well and gives practical advice and tips. The weekly counseling sessions definitely keep you accountable and on track and you can track your progress on the awesome scale! Their service is the best available and everyone is so friendly. The lipotropic shots available from Options Medical Weight Loss are FDA approved which is very important and unlike many places, and the assistance on taking the shots yourself or at the clinic is also very convenient.

I will recommend this place to anyone who is looking to lose weight in a safe, healthy and lasting manner. The nutritional counseling from Kelli has helped me to look at food in a whole different way and make better choices for myself even after I leave the program. I have also enrolled my husband in the program who was struggling with some weight loss and he has had great results too .Keep up the good work!”

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